The inspection methods of TFT LCD Display

The inspection methods of TFT LCD Display

The inspection methods of TFT LCD Display

Aug 16, 2022

Liquid crystal display is a common display and one of the most widely used displays in the display industry. It has the characteristics of good display effect, simple structure, low energy consumption, high brightness and wide temperature range. Many industry terminal products use LCD screens as display terminals.

Do we know how the LCD screen is tested? Today I will tell you about the detection methods of LCD screens.

1. Detection method.
When LCD Display manufacturers test liquid crystal displays, they are all tested under the illumination of 20-40W fluorescent lamps, and the distance between the sample and the eyes of the tester is about 30cm.

The inspection direction is vertical, and the front and back are 45 degrees (3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock). The LCD screen of the inspector’s field of view must meet the 1.0 or higher standard of vision.

2. Visual inspection.
The person inspecting the LCD screen should wear an electrostatic wrist strap and eight-finger cot with both hands. On the one hand, it can reduce pollution and effectively prevent static electricity from damaging the LCD screen. When a foreign object is detected or a dotted LCD screen appears, it is necessary to compare the size with film.

3. Electrical testing.
The electrical test of the liquid crystal display refers to the test of the liquid crystal display through the point, which mainly tests the function of the liquid crystal display. The electrical test adopts electrical test frame, main board, power cord and single chip microcomputer.

If the standards and specifications are found to be inconsistent in the electrical test, please refer to the special inspection specifications and engineering change samples issued by the product specifications.

4. Check the environment.
There are also certain requirements for the LCD test environment. General Electric Inspection Station: Illumination below 200LUX; Appearance Station: Lighting 600 lux-1000 lux; Inspection time: 1 second-3 seconds.