The maintenance methods of the touch screen

The maintenance methods of the touch screen

The maintenance methods of the touch screen

Aug 16, 2022

Due to technical limitations and poor adaptability to the environment, the screen cannot work normally due to pollution such as water droplets and dust, so the touch screen also needs regular maintenance like ordinary machines.

In addition, since the touch screen is a highly integrated touch control machine with a variety of electrical equipment, the following issues should be paid attention to during use and maintenance:

1. Before turning on the power every day, wipe the screen with a dry cloth.

2. When water droplets or drinks fall on the screen, the software will stop responding. This is because water droplets have similar characteristics to fingers and need to be wiped.

3. The touch display controller can automatically determine the dust, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen. Just wipe the screen with a dry cloth. Use glass cleaner.

4. Clean the dirt, fingerprints and oil stains on the touch screen. Turn on the power strictly in accordance with the regulations, that is, the order of turning on the power is the monitor and the monitor. Turn off the power, and then proceed in reverse order.

5. A large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk. If you often interrupt or shut down directly without exiting Windows, it will quickly lead to hard disk errors.

Therefore, it is necessary to run the “Disk Scanner” regularly to scan for hard disk errors. It is best to set up a secret channel in the application to exit the application and close windows. For example, click the four corners in the specified order.

6. Pure touch screen programs do not require a mouse cursor, which will only distract users.

7. The simplest anti-mouse mode should be selected, and the application is sufficient, because the complex mode needs to sacrifice latency and system resources.

8. In windows, when starting slower applications, users have the opportunity to enter other systems. The solution is to modify the system.ini file: shell=progman.exe (under Windows 3.x) or shell=Explorer.exexex (on Windows 95); directly change to one. EXE. However, the application must be able to exit windows directly. Otherwise, the system cannot exit.

9. According to the harsh environment, regularly open the head to clean the reflective stripes and inner surface of the touch screen.

The specific method is to open the covers on both sides of the machine and find the mechanism that loosens the bolt on the front of the head. Open the mechanism to release the bolt. Lift the front of the head, you can see the touch screen control card, unplug the touch screen cable, and then take out the head to remove the head and touch screen.

After carefully checking the fixing method of the touch screen, remove the touch screen for cleaning. Be careful not to use hard paper or hard cloth, and do not scratch the reflective stripes. Finally, restore the nose in the reverse order of the original structure.