The various applications of LCD touch panel

The various applications of LCD touch panel

The various applications of LCD touch panel

Aug 17, 2022

With the continuous research and development of various performance processing platforms for industrial flat panels, the computing speed of industrial flat panels is getting faster and faster.

Therefore, the application of industrial LCD touch panels in medical, transportation, service, logistics and other industries has received extensive attention and has been further deepened to meet the needs of simplified operations in the industrial automation industry.

(1) Medical industry
“Industrial tablet computers allow us to automatically manage surgical operations. Without increasing the operating room and manpower, the workload will increase by 10% every year, and the chart completion time and error will be reduced by 67-69%.” He said, Vanderbilt The tablet computer of the University Medical Center (VUmc) can help save a lot of management costs and time.

The doctor held the tablet and asked about the patient’s recovery while checking the report. After that, the doctor prescribed the patient the same day. With strong portability and complete functions, the tablet computer has become a powerful tool for mobile diagnosis and treatment: it connects medical records, test reports, and various monitoring and diagnosis instruments to help medical staff grasp the medical record information and latest diagnosis and treatment reports of each patient anytime and anywhere, and make it at the same time Diagnosis and treatment plan.

Vanderbilt University Urban Medical Center (VUmc) is a well-known medical institution in Tennessee. Hospital beds and operating rooms are distributed in 8 locations.

With the help of a tablet computer, VUmc medical staff can instantly obtain patient vital sign information, test data and streaming video from the point of care through the mobile network, so as to evaluate the patient. After such information, they can deal with emergencies in a timely and rapid manner, thereby improving the safety of diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the tablet computer is an effective assistant of the anesthesiologist, helping the anesthesiologist to closely monitor the patient’s vital signs, understand the progress of the operation, receive warning messages from multiple operating rooms, and provide instant consultation for multiple operations.

With the development of digital medicine and remote consultation, tablets will be used in mobile wards, mobile nursing, mobile pha manufacturing and inventory management. In 2012, the number of tablets used in the medical field of the Chinese market reached 217,200; by 2015, the scale of tablet computers in the medical field will reach 649,500 (2) Transportation industry.

Traffic police are highly mobile, and their staff are responsible for ensuring orderly, safe, and smooth road traffic. They cannot use computers and other information tools in the office to handle first-line business. Front-line personnel often need to query a large amount of information and form it in real time.

However, the current communication method is single, and it is difficult to deal with sudden, urgent or heavy workload in a timely manner. In addition, the front-line business is complex, with multiple links, multiple batches, and multiple locations, and there are risks of underreporting and misreporting.

If the final processing content can be archived to the unit system in real time, it will reduce the workload and improve work efficiency. Mobile solutions rely on tablet computers to extend the work system to frontline employees. The traffic police use a tablet computer to connect to the remote data center system server to realize various functions such as business processing, information search, and contact communication.

Industrial tablet computers will help intelligent transportation, real-time query license plate information, mobile loss judgments, violation penalties, and query related information and vouchers at any time. In 2012, the number of T-shaped computers used for transportation in the Chinese market reached 227,800; by 2015, the scale of tablet computers in the transportation field will reach 553,600

(2) Service industry
With the improvement of processing platform performance, the computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial tablet computers are also constantly improving. With the development of the industry, innovative applications continue to appear to test the scalability of industrial tablet computers.

It is one of the important magi c weapons for future industrial tablet computers. When standard products cannot meet user needs, customized services appear, which saves users the time and cost of system configuration.

In appearance, thinner, more beautiful, and more practical will become the future development trend of tablet computers. Therefore, manufacturers have added humanized appearance colors and pure flat-panel liquid crystals in the design, which greatly enhances the appearance value of industrial flat panels.

Industrial flat panels with good reputation and good quality but inexpensive industrial flat panels have become the choices of many businesses.

(3) Logistics industry
In traditional logistics warehouses, operators and pickers drive forklifts or minivans to the warehouse to find items based on orders. This traditional method is currently used in some logistics departments.

However, this method greatly wastes manpower and material resources and is prone to errors during busy hours. Now, after several technological transformations and continuous advancements in technology, warehouse staff can obtain this information through handheld tablet devices, which facilitates their loading operations.

With the cooperation of industrial computers and barcode scanners on compact handheld industrial terminals, logistics operators no longer need to remember a series of numbers in advance to find goods in the warehouse.

Now they only need to scan the barcode or QR code of the goods, and then the back-end system will automatically extract and update the inventory, let rter know which outlet and which pallet is placing the goods it needs, and can even automatically arrange orders for nearby delivery locations On the same delivery truck, this is very convenient for the placement and removal of goods, and will greatly reduce the occurrence of errors.